What Readers Are Saying

John--Roswell, N. M. I have heard stories about the Roswell Incident all my life, but this book made it come alive for me. I really enjoyed it, thanks for giving me a whole new perspective on it.

Wendy--Holden, WV I really enjoy reading your book. I am almost finished. I can`t wait to read the ending. I really hope you write a sequel!

Tillie--Hanover, WV My husband was stationed in Arizona and he told me about some of these things you have written about in your book. I really enjoyed it.

Jose--Albuquerque, N. M. Hey, this was a good book to read. It gave a good review of our history while entertaining us with a good story. Great job!

Hector--Santa Fe, N. W. Very realistic story with a lot of factual information in it. I would recommend it to anyone.

Sandra--Cora, WV I enjoyed reading your book. Just one question: "What happens to Mary`s baby? I would love to find out. I hope you write a sequel!

Renee--Mill Creek, WV I enjoyed reading your book. If you write another one, I will buy it too!

Jason--Charleston, WV It is good to read something written by a West Virginia author. I thought it was a very entertaining story and very well written. You made us proud.

Joseph-- Phoenix, AZ I really enjoyed reading about the little Alien and how he compared our culture to his own. That was pretty amazing and funny too.

Thelma--Grants, N. M. An amazing story, you made it seem so real. I hope when Aliens do come to our planet that they are like the ones in your book.

Jane--Las Vegas, NV I loved your characters, they seemed so down to earth. I especially loved Hap and Ceredo. I think I believe in Aliens now! I simply loved this book!

Adam--Belfry, KY I loved the way you were able to trace the evidence and tie it in with Roswell. It makes me believe that the Aliens really are responsible for our revolution in the electronics industry. The Roswell Connection was a great title for your book.

Mont--Delbarton, WV You have made a believer out of me. I now believe in Aliens. It makes so much sense to connect the crash in 1947 to the explosion in industry that made the 20th century the most productive in our history. I believe we reverse engineered everything in their spacecraft.

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