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Roswell, New Mexico, July 1947

The Earth`s first known alien invaders from outer space crash landed near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. The event has become known in American History as the "Roswell Incident." A military officer sent out a press release stating that a "Flying Saucer" had crashed nearby! This immediately set off a bizarre chain of events. Our government quickly stepped in and refuted the story. They claimed it had only been a weather balloon that crashed. The biggest cover-up in American History ensued. The military threatened eye-witnesses and transferred all the personnel involved.

Several eye-witnesses claimed that at least one alien survived the crash. Years later while lying on their death-beds, they have refused to recant their stories. Down through the years, many other military and government employees have come forward to tell stories about an alien who introduced many innovations and advances in technology into both the military and our economy. They claim this is why the twentieth century has been the most productive in our history.

Books have been written and movies have been made about this "Incident." However, no one has come forward to tell the story about the little alien survivor who made such an impact on our great nation. Uh...that is...until now!

This book, THE ROSWELL CONNECTION, will give you the complete story from the 1947 crash right on up to the present day. It is a historical novel that is both chilling and informative and is guaranteed to touch your heart.

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